Best Deal Synopsis

We have been launching new ideas for over 40 years using down-to-earth honesty and integrity. We are offered 20-30 new ideas per month to market which can be seen on our website. The best sellers are listed below.


PREAMBLE: Internet Directories have been superseded by Google and the norm today is to simply “Google it”.  As it stands now, you have to “search” to find what you want. The future is for the Companies to “quote” for your business.

OBJECTIVE: To provide a variety of quotes from local businesses for products and services that you are looking for.

HOW IT WORKS: You enter what you are looking for on the website – it is automatically sent to suitable suppliers. They email you directly with quotes.

THE COST: Free to the public. Suppliers get a 3 month free trial and then have the option of continuing for R295 pm.

PROFITS: First R30 000 pm goes to the Agent, the balance split 50/50 with Head Office.

AREAS: 38 exclusive Agencies.

PROFIT POTENTIAL: There are between 3 000 and 5 000 suitable businesses in each area.

AGENCY COST: The first 10 “Pioneers” at R37 000 each, thereafter R100 000 to R151 000.

QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED: Preferably full-time from the beginning. As this is such a huge project it is ideal for a group of friends to get together and manage an area between them.

AGENTS DUTIES:To start with you need to contact businesses in your area and invite them to join on a free trial basis.

LAUNCH DATE: Feb 2012.

CONCLUSION: What makes this such an exciting project is that the market is so big, and the potential is so much bigger than people realise. This is an ideal opportunity to own your own business that you can operate from home, simple to run, simple to start-up, has very little financial risk and that has enormous potential. Also ideal for those heading towards retirement and needing a solid income.

NEXT STEP: Ask for full information from or call 031-568-2395

Next generation range of sun-glasses approved by NASA that allows you to see “crisper” and clearer now available in SA. Several kiosks available at local malls, plus wholesalers needed in each province. Amazing product.

Every now and again you do come across a GENUINE OPPORTUNITY, and this is one of them. Big Big profits.
A multi-million dollar research Company found a way to extract 99.99% of “Active ingredients” from plants and herbs producing a slimming product that actually works – and 100% naturally. This is set to become one of the biggest sellers of all time. We have been asked to set up exclusive distribution points for local agents to buy their stock right across the Country from R35 000 for an area the size of Sandton to R169 000 for an area the size of Durban.
With this opportunity there is no risk – just selling your initial stock recovers your investment. It will be launched Country-wide this month, and is a perfect business for those heading for retirement and looking for a big income.

With a 40 year reputation of launching new ideas we are offered more opportunities than we can handle. I want to appoint an Agent in each area Countrywide so that when we are given a new product we can start marketing it immediately. You will get 1st option at all the new opportunities we are given. You can then keep the best ones for yourself and help me sell the others at a profit. You can manage any Franchise we have without payment until they are sold. Also manage them part-time until you are earning more than your full-time salary. Capital needed is R87 210(inclusive) for an exclusive agency.

YOUR NEXT STEP is to watch the videos at You can’t make any decisions by reading the info – you need to see and hear the full story on each. They take from 4 to 10 mins each. You will then be given access to all the facts and figures you need. No-one will contact you afterwards – we leave you to ask any questions you need.