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Nima is a food allergen sensor, an easy and fast chemistry test for your food that can be done at the table, discreetly. The device is made up of two main parts, (1) a disposable cartridge fits into (2) a reusable sensor that performs that assay. A simple red light can indicate allergen presence.

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The United Arab Emirates likes to be first when it comes to amazing feats of construction and technology, and architecture in Dubai is constantly pushing the envelope. The world’s tallest building already towers over Dubai’s skyline, and now the city is planning to build the world’s first fully 3D-printed office building. It’s a cool, space-age structure that will save a bundle on construction costs and material waste.

The office building will take just a matter of weeks to construct. The overall structure won’t be that big in terms of scale, covering just 2,000 square feet (186 square meters), but it’ll be huge for the 3D-printing history. The building will be the world’s first fully-functional 3D-printed office building, and will serve as operations headquarters for the recently opened Museum of the Future, which is located nearby the building site and also features 3D-printed components. The office building will be printed one layer at a time by a 20-foot-tall 3D printer, and then assembled onsite. What’s more, all of the furniture, fixtures, detailing, and structural components will also be 3D-printed, making this endeavor the most ambitious 3D-printing project in architectural history.

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The Eddie Bauer Katatatic tent can now be used with Goal Zero’s Sherpa battery pack and Yeti Solar Generator, making it the world’s first solar-powered tent powerful enough to power small appliances.

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SURAPURE DRINKS was founded in 2013 and has experienced exceptional growth as high as 100% per annum over the last few months. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to our ability to produce and market top quality fruit juices and water products that offer end consumers real value for money, whilst enjoying this gift of nature!

SURAPURE DRINKS was the first fruit juice manufacturer to introduce “LITE” fruit juices to the beverage market as well as exciting fruit & vegetable combinations to our range such as GUAVA & ORANGE.

Our products are distributed through a dedicated and committed infrastructure of distributors (Makro And Mikro Retailers) throughout South Africa as well as some neighbouring countries. The SURAPURE DRINKS range of products is supplied through various distribution channels such as top end retailers and bottom end outlets.

SURAPURE DRINKS is the preferred choice of great quality fruit juices amongst many consumers and retailers who can rely on our high quality products and service excellence. Our company also offers value added services such as contract manufacturing and packing of individual and dealer own brands of fruit juices and carbonated flavoured waters.

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all kiddy rides are in working order.
@ R5000each